2019 Car Show | Summerset Festival

2019 Car Show at Summerset

Vintage, classic and show car enthusiasts are invited to join this year’s Car Show at the 35th Annual Summerset Festival. The Car Show is back and it’s going to be GREAT! The Prevail Group and Coffee & Cars Littleton has sponsored and is leading the 2019 Car Show at Summerset! The Car Shows at Summerset have been legendary an this team has made it their mission to bring it back better than ever; and with a creative approach. All cars will be automatically entered into the People’s Choice ~ Movie Themed award show.

Vehicle registration is required and we have limited participation to 400 vehicles. A couple vitals for you to know:

  • Registration is $20.* Register Now!
  • Weather permitting, cars will be parked on the grass.
  • Live voting will be online and real-time.

Car Show Awards

This is not your average awards show – this is a spectator sport – and they are voting for your ERA of car. Is it the Great Gatsby Era? Or is it the Fast and Furious Era? The spectators get to vote for their favorite!! What do you win you ask??? A movie reel award! That’s right, the old school movie reels from The Reel Factory with the 2019 Car Show at Summerset and the ERA you win. This is going to look SWEET hanging on the wall in your garage.

The entry fee of $20 helps support the Foothills Parks & Recreation District and T.A.P.S.